Video Inspection & Pipe Location

With Jetter Clean’s pipe inspection camera you and the technician can see specifically what is obstructing your pipes. By knowing what the problem is, the technician can best address it. The inspection camera is equipped with a transmitter that allows it to be located underground. This locating feature is especially handy when a pipe’s location is unknown.

Clearing Roots



This is an actual picture of the inside of a clay pipe. Clay pipes are usually found just outside of the home (see picture below). Inside this home was cast iron pipes then just outside it transitioned to clay pipes that were two feet long with bell house seams. These seams or joints are where the roots find ways to get into the pipe.

Jetter Clean uses its specially built chainsaw nozzle to cut and remove the roots from the drain. The water jets spin the chains on the nozzle like a weed whacker cutting the roots. This method is more effective than the cable or snake machines for pipe cleaning and drain cleaning.

Jetter Clean can also take the roots out of a 6″ pipe where there is only a 3 1/2″ access. This is accomplished by adding longer chains. This is a huge advantage over a cable machine because their 6″ cutters won’t fit into the access or clean out the roots still in the pipe.

Locating Pipes

Diagram showing the Drain pipe leaving the house and connecting with the city line at the street

When Jetter Clean puts its video camera in a drainpipe there is a transmitter signal that can be located above ground with a locating device. This allows Jetter Clean to locate or trace the pipe. This is valuable knowledge to the excavator or plumber.

Bored Through Sewer Pipe

electrical line bored thru the center of a sewer pipe
electrical line bored thru the center of a sewer pipe

Jetter Clean went to a customer’s home expecting it to be a typical job, but after opening the line and allowing the pipe to drain our video camera revealed a high-power electrical line was bored right thru the center of the pipe. If a cutting tool would have pierced this high voltage line, it could have become a deadly situation.