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Using our advanced water jets, Jetter Clean can not only unclog your business’s pipes but also remove sludge and pipe scale, clean your heater exchanger and more!

Pipe Scale and Sludge Removal

Water flow from recycle lines was restricted and no longer had the same capacity. An access hole was cut into the metal pipe and Jetter Clean used its large hose to remove the pipe scale and sludge build-up from the interior of the pipe. Then the hole was welded shut and the recycle line was activated giving it greater flow and improved capacity. This saved the company from the cost of pipe replacement.

Pipe Scale Slug Removal

Harvest States / Honeymead – Mankato, MN

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Heat Exchangers

Cenex Harvest States – Fairmont, MN

Heat exchanger’s can be jetted with Jetter Clean’s smaller hose and nozzles. Jetting through the pipes at 4000psi cleaning debris and build up from each exchange pipe.

Clearing 150 feet of Electrical Conduit

Jetting Electrical Conduit
Jetting Electrical Conduit 2

The new addition to Winnabago’s Ethenol Plant had frozen electrical conduit and couldn’t pull wires thru until Jetter Clean jetted the 150 ft long conduits. Water jets blasted through ice and debris. Then a large air compressor cleared the pipes of water allowing wires to go through to the other end.

Minnesota Nice combined with Minnesota Know How!