Agricultural Field Tile and Pipe Cleaning

Jetter Clean’s advanced water jets propel up the field tile and then pull back under pressure removing debris – including roots, rocks, sand and dirt. The technician runs the hose through the tile several times until it is clear and flowing. The Jet Vans carry 500 ft of hose and a 300-gallon water supply. If needed, additional water is supplied by the farmer. Jetter Clean can trace, locate and clean tile lines, septic tanks, or septic lines and outlets.

10 inch field tile in Springfield, MN showing a mass of roots removed from it
Slurry 12" pipe from dairy operations showing sand and rocks collecting in the pipes and the water jet blasting through to let manure flow

Jetter Clean is very familiar with different dairy systems from slurries to lagoons using flight pumps, piston pumps or gravity systems. Jetter Clean’s advance water jets blast thru the blockage allowing the manure to flow. On more difficult jobs two Jet Vans are used for doubling the power of the water jets.

Showing BEFORE with sludgy, muddy output from a pipe and AFTER with clearer output

Jetter Clean’s ability to jet up or jet down blocked drain pipe comes in handy for large hog and swine operations.

By jetting up from the lagoon or down from outside clean-outs, the pipe and the technician don’t have to enter the barn. 

We can remove debris and scale or lime build-up safely for the pigs and faster for the owner.