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The Jetter Clean branch located in Le Sueur can handle all of your drain, pipe, tile, sewer, and septic line cleaning needs. Using advanced water jets our technicians remove clogs and spray your lines clean. We can service your lines whether they are residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial or municipal.

The Jet Van uses high-pressure water along with specialized nozzles that adjust the water jets to optimally clean each drain or pipe. We teach our technicians the best jetting techniques to use when clearing lines of roots, rocks, scale, grease and ice or other debris.

Jetter Clean prides itself offering on same day, 24/7 drain cleaning services in Le Sueur with a 30-Day Residential Guarantee for the lines we open and clean.

Hal Bohrer, Manager, is a fourth generation experienced Jetting Technician. He has been the lead Jetting Technician for five years and the area manager for over a year. Hal trained at the home office in Mankato, MN.

Jetter Clean Le Sueur Hal Bohrer

Manager: Hal Bohrer


Mike L. – Cleveland

I wanted to thank you for the great service. Your company saved my landlord hundreds of dollars and me a lot of headaches! I had just moved into a home that had been vacant for a while, within a couple of weeks we had a huge rain storm and the basement drain backed up. Since I was the renter the owner had called another company to jet the line, the operator arrived and spent two hours getting the water to drain away. That night we had more rain and that basement drain backed up with sewage. The landlord called that company back and he worked for almost the full day to try and open the line. At the end of the day he told the owner that he would have to dig up the whole sewer line and replace it to the city connection and left a big bill. I was familiar with your company and had heard great things about you so I suggested to my landlord that he call you to come check it out. He took my advice and your technician came out and within minutes had the line open and removed a large root ball. He even cleaned up the mess that was left by the other company. I was present for all of the services from both companies and could tell right away your man knew exactly what he was doing and your equipment was far superior. Your technician used a larger hose and nozzles to take care of the problem quickly. We have not had a single problem since then. Again, thank you for the fantastic job. I will definitely recommend you to everyone.

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