About Us

Jetter Clean is a locally owned pipe, tile and drain cleaning business in Minnesota and provides services to Mankato, Fairmont, Austin, Albert Lea, Le Sueur, Rochester, Owatonna, Lakeville and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Lee and Kris Bohrer next to a Jetter Clean van and article text from Connect Magazine next to the pic
Connect Business Magazine Feature Story Nov 1, 2006


Photo by Jeff Silker

Kris and Lee Bohrer were celebrating.

It was their wedding day—May 15, 1993—and everyone was at their home in Mankato having a good time. Then the phone rang and interrupted their party.

“It was the American Legion,” Lee Bohrer remembers. “They had a wedding of their own going on there, but they were having some problems with their drains. I looked at Kris, and she said, ‘You gotta go.’”

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Patented Water Jet Vans

The Jetter Clean Jet Van is a patented design that makes water jetting to clean drains, field tiles and industrial pipes more efficient, organized and compact than competing solutions.

Others need to have a diesel motor on a truck with dual wheels or a trailer to power their jet pumps.

The Jetter Clean Jet Van has a secondary drive shaft that uses the van engine to power the jet pump for drain cleaning or ice removal. This allows us to use a smaller, inexpensive one-ton van. That means we can get into tight locations more easily like alleyways, car ramps and near equipment.

We save time and money with efficiently-organized vans with wireless remote control. One technician can do ice removal, video pipe inspections, and agricultural, commercial, or home drain and pipe cleaning.
Jetter clean van from the outside, white with Jetter Clean logo on the side. One-ton van isn't very tall
The JETTER VAN® is smaller and more compact without the high top. It’s ideal for driving into car ramps and other tight spot.