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Minnesota Nice Combined With Minnesota Know-How

Minnsota Nice Combined With Minnesota Know HowJetter Clean is committed to providing our customers with prompt service as well as clean, courteous and professional state-of-the-art drain, sewage drain, pipe and tile cleaning. Jetter Clean technicians will only come into your home with their boot covers on and with our blue roll rugs, ensuring that your home stays clean. Once in, the technician will insert a hose into the clogged pipe, drain or tile to open it up so it can be flushed out with water. Then we use our Advanced Water Jets to propel down through your pipes. The water jet pipe cleaner operates similar to a jet airplane engine, getting to work with five water jets shooting backwards to propel the lead nozzle forward, while a lead jet sprays forward. It blasts through the blockage and we always run the Jetter five or six times to ensure the pipe is sprayed clean on the inside. The Jetter hose comes out clean because the inside of the pipe is clean, giving you long term results with no messy sewer machine.

Cleanest Drain Pipes You've Ever Seen

Jetter Clean also offers video inspection services to help diagnose the source of more stubborn clogs and backups. Your Jetting Technician will send a pipe inspection camera, about the size of a quarter, down into the pipe. If there are roots, the technician will use our specially built Chainsaw Nozzle to spin the pipe or tile clean. Cleaner than any cable or snake machine! All of this is done with our patented Jet Van, the most advanced in the industry and the only one with one engine and a Wireless Remote Control, allowing us to easily beat our competitors’ cost and save you money.

Jetter Clean customers tell us that their pipes, drains and tile stayed clean for years after being opened up with Jetter Clean technology.

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