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Jetter Clean’s Fairmont branch offers drain, pipe and tile cleaning services. Whether your lines are residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial or municipal, we can remove blockages and spray them clean using our advanced water jets. Jetter Clean also offers video inspection of drain lines and line locating for trouble shooting problem drains or pipes.

Using specialized nozzles, the water jets propel through your pipes, spraying them clean. Jetting your pipes clean is the ideal method for removing clogs and ensuring that your lines stay open for years.

Jetter Clean offers same day, 24/7 drain cleaning services with a 30-Day Residential Guarantee for the lines we open and clean.

Pete Hennager, Manager, is a lifelong resident. He has been the lead Jetting Technician for over 10 years and the area manager for over seven years. Pete trained at the home office in Mankato, MN.

Pete Hennager manages Fairmont

Manager: Pete Hennager

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