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Before you buy a Home avoid costly repairs

Jetter Clean Broken Drain Pipe

Jetter Clean Offers Video Inspection of Drain Systems

Why buy a home without inspecting the drainpipes? There may be a problem or a costly repair like this one. Jetter Clean’s drain and pipe inspection camera allows you to see the insides of the pipes, looking for build-up, broken areas, or deteriorating conditions. Since every inspection is recorded you can easily show the footage to a plumber or city inspector for their opinion of the pipe’s condition and recommendations they may have.

Home Video Inspection of Drain System

Video Recorded

Jetter Clean records videos so they can be reviewed by a Plumber or even City Inspector.

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*$125 - Is from the exiting clean out (C.O.) to the city connection or as far as the 200 ft push cable will go. It’s recorded with voice and on screen footage. Does NOT INCLUDE travel cost, any parts, jetting of the pipe clean or any locating. No other coupon or discount can be used with this offer. Offer good Monday - Friday 8am thru 5pm.