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Helpful Hints to Keep Drains Functioning Smoothly

Use your garbage disposal sparingly. If you can pick up the debris, deposit in the trash instead of using the disposal.

Whenever possible, use the lint trap (available at most hardware stores) on your washing machine discharge hose. Be sure to attach it securely.

Always use your kitchen sink strainers. When they are full deposit the debris in the trash.

Rinse plates, eating utensils and cooking utensils thoroughly in the sink before putting them into the dishwasher. Then empty the sink strainers into the trash.

Always keep your bath tub and bathroom sink stoppers in place and functioning to prevent objects from being washed down the drain.

Do not pour cooking grease down your drains. Refrigerate or freeze grease in a disposable container and put it out with the trash.

Keep the area around floor drains free of debris to prevent objects from entering and clogging the “P” trap.

Do not flush anything down your toilet for any other purpose than for what it is intended for. In other words, no Q-tips, bottle caps, clothing, paper towels, tampons or sanitary napkins.

If you have a septic tank system plan to have it pumped regularly every 24-36 months.