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Residential Testimonials

Susan M. – LeSueur

Great experience. He was on time, took care of the matter quickly, provided information about the issue and cleaned up after himself all for a fair price. I would recommend Jetter Clean to anyone in the area.

Dan – Mankato

Jeff from Jetter Clean did an outstanding job of cleaning a kitchen sink that was backing up in one of our apartments. Jeff didn’t complain about working on a holiday and was working on the job before our maintenance man arrived on the scene. Very pleased with the great service and fast response.

Brian M. – Lakeville

Awesome Experience. Had a stubborn kitchen sink that wouldn’t drain. After trying all the at-home solutions I called a plumber. Saw Jetter Clean, but unfortunately chose a plumber that used a traditional ‘snake’ approach first. They couldn’t clear the clog and spent a bunch of time trying to sell me on the water jet approach – telling me how much better it is, how much longer the cleaning lasts, etc. Problem is they wanted over three times the price Jetter Clean had quoted me. I sent them on their way and called Jetter Clean back, they came right out and cleared the clog at a price very comparable to what the (ineffective) snake approach cost and much less than the other guys quoted for their water-jet service. Friendly, efficient, and superior service. Thanks Andy!

Sheila C.

I have had Lee Cummins from Jetter Clean at my house on two separate occasions. I was extremely happy with his service both times. I like the fact that they only use water in their high-pressure jet system. The first time that I called Jetter Clean was a couple years ago. My grandson used an extreme amount of toilet paper causing my toilet to be plugged. I called Lee and he came right over. He had to take apart pipes in my basement and clean out the line. I am sure it was not a pretty sight but Lee did not complain. He was very understanding and he gave me some prevention tips. I called Jetter Clean again last month because my bath Tub was draining very slowly. Lee came right over and within no time had my tub draining perfectly. Lee was very professional and courteous. I will definitely call Jetter Clean again if I ever have any drain issues. I would also recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you for the great service!

Mike L. – Cleveland

I wanted to thank you for the great service. Your company saved my landlord hundreds of dollars and me a lot of headaches! I had just moved into a home that had been vacant for a while, within a couple of weeks we had a huge rain storm and the basement drain backed up. Since I was the renter the owner had called another company to jet the line, the operator arrived and spent two hours to get the water to drain away. That night we had more rain and that basement drain backed up with sewage. The landlord called that company back and he worked for almost the full day to try and open the line. At the end of the day he told the owner that he would have to dig up the whole sewer line and replace it to the city connection and left a big bill. I was familiar with your company and had heard great things about you so I suggested to my landlord that he call you to come check it out. He took my advice and your technician came out and within minutes had the line open and removed a large root ball. He even cleaned up the mess that was left by the other company. I was present for all of the services from both companies and could tell right away your man knew exactly what he was doing and your equipment was far superior. Your technician used a larger hose and nozzles to take care of the problem quickly. We have not had a single problem since then. Again, thank you for the fantastic job. I will definitely recommend you to everyone.

Shannon M.

My name is Shannon. I recently had a local plumbing company come to my house to unclog the drains. After several hours, they said I would have to have my sewer dug up because they couldn’t get the sewage to go away. I told a friend of mine about my situation and he said to call Jetter Clean before the plumbers started digging for a second attempt at clearing the clog. My friend made the call for me and Jetter Clean came right out. About an hour later, the sewage was gone and I didn’t have to have my sewer dug up, saving me thousands of dollars.

Melony B. – Mankato

I had a drain issue and Andy from Jetter Clean Austin was so prompt and professional at fixing our main drain problem. I would highly recommend the company to anyone that is having drain issues. We were able to have our drain cleared within a couple of hours of my call!

Joe D. – Mankato

Pete really knew his stuff and I appreciate you sending over such a courteous, individual that really wanted to fix my problem. I understand this could have been an expensive plumbing job if Pete did not have the skill and experience to get it done right, and for that I am grateful. Pleasure doing business with you again…

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