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Commercial Testimonials

Victor M. – Lakeville

First off Huge Thank You Jetter Clean!!! Our vent pipe froze underneath commercial freezer. So we hired a company, they came with two vans and two big trucks. Tried to water jet the pipe but no results. We had 4 four guys costing about $500 per hour on site for half a day. I was quite surprised to see one technician show up after I called Jetter Clean. He seemed like he knew what he was doing! Very confident, explained to me what he was about to do. Most importantly he fixed the issue within 3 hours and saved us a lot of money! We appreciate your help and will be calling Jetter Clean right away next time! P.S. Quite a van set up you got!

Jeff H. – Rochester

My name is Jeff H. and I have been the service manager for a multi-family property Rochester Minnesota for three years. During my tenure I have had the pleasure of working with Jetter Clean Services for a multitude of jobs. From jetting plugged sinks and toilets to main sewer lines, they have been at our disposal for fast, reliable, cost effective and courteous service. We have had to utilize their services at a moment’s notice during regular business hours, late evenings and weekends and it has always been the professional service we have come to expect. Jetter Clean is one of our most reliable team members to ensure a quality product and environment for our residents.

Kevin T. – Rochester

As a landlord in Rochester who owns and manages many properties, when a drain problem arises there is only one call that I make. That’s to Jetter clean! With their advanced equipment they can handle any of my problems. They have fast, friendly and affordable service. No more call backs like I experience with other companies. I am very happy with my decision to use Jetter Clean. I will not only continue to use them at my properties, I am telling others to use them to.

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