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Owatonna Jetter Clean uses water and only water to clean your drains. The advanced water jets propel down drain pipes spraying them clean, weather its drain cleaning, sewer cleaning or septic line cleaning. It is the ideal method ensuring your pipes are actually clean.
We have always been "Green", never using chemicals. We don't even recommend them and certainly won’t sell you any. Jetter Clean services residential, commercial, agricultural customers, as well as municipalities.
Jetter Clean’s patented Jet Van uses high pressure water along with over a dozen specialized nozzles that adjusts the water jets to clean each drain or pipe to its optimum. The Jet Van works off a wireless remote control for one man operation and carries a 300 gallon water supply.
We train our technicians using high tech jetting techniques to clean lines of roots, rocks, scale, grease and even ice or other debris. Each Jet Van carries video inspection equipment and a line locator.
The Owatonna Jetter Clean offers video inspection of drain lines and line locating for trouble shooting problem drains or pipes. Recording on a VCR tape or DVD allowing for review by a plumber or even city plumbing inspectors.
Jetter Clean prides itself on same day drain cleaning services in Owatonna. Offering 24 hours service seven days a week with a 30 Day Residential Guarantee for the lines we open and clean. Jetter Clean is a drain and pipe cleaning service and does not offer any plumbing services.

210 S. Cedar Ave, Owatonna, MN

Hal Bohrer Owatonna Jetter Clean Manager

Manager: Hal Bohrer

Hal Bohrer is the Owatonna Area Manager and is a fourth generation experienced Jetting technician and has had over five years of experience as a Jetting Technician at the home office in Mankato, MN.

For a free estimate or any drain questions call Hal. He can tell you more about our services. 507-455-0596