Chain Saw Nozzle

Before and After of Video Inspection of a Pipe with Roots in the Before Image

This is an actual picture of the inside of a Clay pipe. Clay pipe is usually found just outside of the home ( see picture below ). Inside this home is Cast Iron then just outside it transitions to Clay which are two foot long with bell house seams. These seams or joints is where the Roots find a way into the pipe.

Jetter Clean uses it's speciality built Chainsaw nozzle to cut and remove the Roots. The water jets spin the chains on the nozzle like a weed wacker cutting the roots ( see Video Clip ). This method is more effective then the cable or snake machines.

Jetter Clean can also take the roots out of a 6" pipe where there is only a 3 1/2" access. This is accomplished by adding longer chains. This is a hugh advantage over a cable machine because their 6" cutters won't fit into the access or Clean Out leaving a lot of roots still in the pipe.